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“Whichever way you turn, female characterisation is a minefield. Male characters tend to get away with so much more. I loved writing Jonah Griggs (from Jellicoe) but Jonah killed his father, bashes up Ben and stomps on his fingers, shoves Taylor up against the wall in rage, yet I rarely read a negative comment about him as a character. Evanjalin in Finnikin, on the other hand, has been criticised many a time and called manipulative and a liar. I think we are so much tougher on our female characters.”
— Melina Marchetta [x] (via leaningonthesideofwonder)

Quiet Rebel | Teddy Lupin

Quiet Rebel | Teddy Lupin

Artist:Unknown Ben Howard
Title: UnknownHideaway
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Ben Howard
"Hideaway" (Kiesza Cover)

Artist:Unknown Kiesza
Title: UnknownHideaway
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Kiesza - Hideaway

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