Basically all I’ve been doing since last night.

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do you ever just stop and think about your obsession with something and say to yourself “oh man, i’m in too deep


make me choose meme × scott’s tattoo or derek’s tattoo

another thing i did while rereading trb is jotting down everything ronan lynch

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This is the same man.

I think about this a lot.

i’m now at the part where they found out the truth about noah and now i’m calling for a break

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“Retching!” said Ronan without concern; this, finally, was something he knew something about. “Where is he? Noah!” He pushed away from the Mustang and started back the way that Blue had come.

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-I saved your life.

-Oh, don’t give yourself too much credit, Seaweed Brain.

so basically someone wrote ‘percabeth zombie au’ in my askbox and the exact same second I closed everything and started drawing because zombie apocalypse aus are always like the best thing.

So, apparently in the au Percy and Annabeth were at the same class of the high school, but never actually liked each other all that much. I would probably say, they were really annoyed with each other. Percy is that one reckless skater who doesn’t quite care about studying and sleeps the half of the lessons (the other half he just skips); and Annabeth..Well, she’s Annabeth. She’s annoyed with stupid (aka Percy); have perfect grades and basically knows more than everyone else. So they end up not liking each other AT ALL; both think the other one is too stupid (in Percy’s mind someone who studies THAT much is kind of stupid so yeah). 

But apparently once everything has started, they happen to be in the same plate (in the same classroom, dunno); and somehow in the whole mess they are totally getting to be zombie-killer-allies, and finally actually getting to know each other, both thinking they aren’t actually all that bad. Close to ‘cool’, even.

And we all know what happens next.

Percy using his skateboard as a weapon of some sort is kind of obvious to me. They’ve been through a lot, he cannot just leave his precious board somewhere (and yeah it can technically come in handy, Percy thought)